JustAid is a web-based charity organization (UK) and is dedicated to the alleviation of poverty in developing countries. PSD Nepal and JustAid have a contractual agreement to work with the most vulnerable groups (especially targeting children and women) in Nepal and aim at the improvement of livelihood conditions in rural communities.

Registered as a charity organization, JustAid was set up to meet the following objectives:

  • To create an opportunity to give to charity in a more direct way
    (JustAid´s Wishlist program enables every community in the developing world to request financial assistance and to have their project posted on the webpage to be eligible for donations)
  • To support locally run community charities
    (JustAid beliefs that locally run NGOs can support projects in a more effective and cost-efficient way and utilize funds directly towards the project communities)
  • To support and encourage community participation and sustainability
    (JustAid works only with NGOs who will ensure that the local community has played a significant role in deciding what the needs of their community are)
  • To achieve maximum benefit from donations
    (JustAid does not use any percentage of project donations to fund administration costs)
  • To have complete financial transparency
    (JustAid intends to make accounts easily accessible and readily available so that 100% accountability is ensured at all times)

For more information about the partnership please check our webpage (PSD Program – Wishlist) or JustAid´s homepage (please find the link below).

New Mills House, Whitebrook,
Monmouth, NP25 4TY, UK

HELP, Aberdeen University

HELP Aberdeen is a student based charity, which was created as an offshoot from the Edinburgh group in 1996. As an overseas partner organization, Aberdeen selects and trains student volunteers from Aberdeen University to support development projects around the world. Aberdeen aims to work in partnership with communities or local NGOs in the developing world to financially and practically assist community initiated projects and to provide an exchange of cultural values, especially between volunteers and the host communities. Past programs included projects in Mexico, Ecuador, Malawi, India, Philippines, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Nepal.

In the last mentioned country a partnership was established with PSD Nepal to improve living-conditions in rural Nepal. Every year more than 20 volunteers join this cooperate program and successfully conduct projects in various sectors of the development field. Individuals and groups who are interested in the possibilities of volunteering with PSD Nepal are kindly requested to contact Aberdeen directly.

To find out more about HELP Aberdeen email: Email:

Oxford Development Abroad (ODA), Oxford University

ODA is a student based charity which has a working partnership with PSD Nepal aiming at the development of rural communities in Nepal. As an overseas partner organisation, ODA selects and trains student volunteers from Oxford University to work on community led development projects. Individuals who are interested in the possibilities of volunteering with PSD Nepal should contact ODA directly or visit their website (see below).

The general aims of ODA can be summarised as follows:

  • To work in partnership with communities or local NGOs in the developing world to help alleviate some of the major problems they face
  • To financially and practically assist community initiated projects in the developing world
  • To offer students from Oxford an insight view into development issues through the physical engagement with specific projects in the developing world
  • To provide an exchange of cultural values between volunteers and host communities
  • To investigate the broader political and economic forces that influence the relationship between the developed and developing world
  • To lobby appropriate organizations to pay attention and act to resolve these problems

ODA aim to provide students studying in Oxford with the opportunity to work on some of the most effective (although basic) programs in the developing world. These community initiated projects either set out to achieve practical changes to the lives of the host communities or seek to offer alternative and innovative approaches to community development, usually by working alongside grassroots community groups that yield sustainable and effective results.

For further information about ODA visit our website or alternatively contact us via email

Edinburgh Global Partnerships (EGP), Edinburgh University

EGP, formerly H.E.L.P. (Scotland) is a registered charity and a university society run entirely by Edinburgh students. The society was founded in May 1990 to assist community development overseas and has since then grown enormously. The aim of EGP is not to conduct large scale aid projects but rather to get involved with local people at grassroots level to help them financially and physically to realize projects they believe are of most importance to their community.
EGPs Aims are:

  • To support community led initiatives and to work together with people to help them achieve their goals for development
  • To allow students to develop new skills and a wider perspective on the world we live in
  • To promote international understanding through projects that are focused on building friendship, trust and respect between EGP volunteers and people across the world

In order to achieve these aims, each year EGP sends about 80 volunteers to work on small-scale community development projects around the world. As a society EGP’s energies are centred on the active participation of members during projects in the summer holidays. The projects cover diverse areas of interest. For more information visit EGP’s website:

Student Volunteers Abroad (SVA), Glasgow University

SVA are a student run, not-for-profit organisation based out of Glasgow University. They offer the students of Glasgow and surrounding universities the opportunity to get involved with sustainable environmental and community projects in developing countries. Their projects vary between countries and range from HIV/AIDS awareness, to teaching, to construction, to raising awareness of environmental issues.
SVA’s aims are as follows:

  • to work with local organisations on sustainable projects for the relief of poverty
  • to promote awareness and education amongst students of the social and environmental issues that affect the developing world
  • to promote cultural links and encourage cultural exchange

For more information about SVA and their projects visit

Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad (BVDA), Bristol University

BVDA is a student run charity and recognised society of the University of Bristol Students Union. Their vision is to encourage students to make a difference in developing countries through overseas volunteering.

BVDA’s Aims:

To work in partnership with Non-Governmental Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and local volunteers in developing countries.

To aid the self-development of a community by providing financial assistance, physical labor, education and training where appropriate.

To provide opportunities for University of Bristol students to acquire, develop and share skills alongside local participants in developing countries, and to work in an atmosphere of cultural exchange.

For more information about BVDA visit their website at

InterVol, Birmingham Universityintervol

InterVol is an international volunteering charity in the United Kingdom that offers university students the opportunity to volunteer with ethical organisations overseas on poverty reduction, education and conservation programmes. 

InterVol is in place to give a sustainable, transparent and ethical structure to connect young people in the United Kingdom with trustworthy, community-owned projects in the developing world. They want to make international volunteering projects accessible, affordable and rewarding for students; we aim to maximise the impact that young volunteers can make globally.

InterVol currently has branches at the University of Birmingham and the University of Nottingham and is in the process of expanding to more universities.

InterVol's key goals as a charity are:
1) To support students living in the UK by organising ethical international volunteering projects. These projects allow students to gain valuable training, skills and experience and educate them about the lives of people in the developing world.
2) To promote overseas development projects relating to health and education, the relief of poverty and the conservation of the environment. Volunteers will be placed on projects with local organisations that work to achieve these goals in a sustainable manner.

To find out more visit InterVol’s website at

Development and Research Expeditions (D.A.R.E), Dundee University

D.A.R.E. is a student run charity which aims to help developing, or troubled countries. D.A.R.E raise money over the course of the academic year through fundraisers and then use those funds to organise projects across the world involving teaching, construction, orphanage work etc. Starting over 10 years ago, they have raised over £20,000 and their countless number of volunteers have travelled the globe.

From playing games, looking after kids, working at a medical camp, building schools, digging drainage systems, looking after malnourished babies, teaching English, painting murals and making lifelong friends, D.A.R.E projects offer amazing opportunities, a great adventure and a chance to help improve many peoples lives.

For more information visit D.A.R.E’s website at

Strathclyde International Development (SID), Strathclyde  University, Glasgow

SID is a not-for-profit organisation run by students. They aim to recruit top quality volunteers who fundraise and spread awareness in the UK before heading out on 6-9 week projects in the summer. SID work with NGO's directly and develop the projects themselves before sending out volunteers to the projects.
SID aims:

  • To work with local and specialist NGO’s to aid in the relief of poverty using financial and other assistance where the NGO and ourselves find necessary
  • To promote awareness of global poverty amongst students and other interested parties in the UK
  • To promote cultural links and cultural exchange