PSD Nepal launched its Medical Program in 2005 with the aim to improve the health and sanitation conditions of rural people and give overseas students the opportunity for clinical exposure. Every year around 20 medical students work together with Nepali volunteers for a time period of 4 weeks in different community health posts and community hospitals.

Since 2005 the following community facilities were involved in the Medical Program:

  • Bandegaun Primary Health Centre
  • Bir Hospital, Kathmandu
  • Chapagaun Primary Health Care and Resource Centre
  • Chhampi Sub health post
  • City Hospital, Kathmandu
  • Dhapakhel Health Post
  • Highway Community Hospital, Malekhu
  • KIST Hospital, Kathmandu
  • Lele Primary Health Care Centre
  • Manohara Community Hospital
  • MODEL Hospital, Kathmandu
  • Stupa Community Hospital, Boudhanath
  • Tribhuwan Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu

Moreover, every year PSD organizes various Health Camps in remote areas to provide medical treatment to those who cannot afford to seek medical care from community facilities. Throughout their stay in Nepal volunteers are also involved in the Health Camp activities and support local doctors during dental-, gynaecological- and general check-ups and in the distribution of medicine.

Health Camps have taken place very successfully and helped hundreds of people in a number of communities, some of which are:

  • Badegaun, Lalitpur
  • Belkhu, Kathmandu
  • Bhattedanda, Lalitpur
  • Dhapakhel, Lalitpur
  • Jharuwarashi, Lalitpur
  • Khokana, Lalitpur 
  • Malekhu, Dhading
  • Manohara, Kathmandu
  • Parbatipur, Chitwan
  • Thecho, Lalitpur