147,181 sq km

Border Countries
North: China; East, West & South: India

Kathmandu (total population of Kathmandu urban area: 1.5 Million)

Total Population
26.47 Million

Life Expectancy
Male 60.5 years; Female 61.5 years

Male 65.1%; Female 42.5%

Ethnic Groups
Indo-Aryan groups: Brahmin and Chettri castes;
Indigenous groups: Gurung, Limbu, Magar, Newar, Rai, Sherpa, Tamang, Tharu, and others

Hinduism 86.2%, Buddhism 7.8%, Islam 3.8%, other 2.2%
Nepal is the only official Hindu state in the world

Nepali (official language, 58%), Tibeto-Burmese languages (mainly in the hill areas, 20%), Indo-European languages (mainly in the Terai areas bordering India, 20%), Newari (mainly in the Kathmandu Valley, 2%), English (government offices and businesses)
Though these are the main languages spoken, the estimated number of spoken languages is 30 with dozens of different dialects

Special Features
The major part of the country consists of high mountains and rolling hills. It accounts for about 83% of the total land and the plain of the Terai occupies the remaining 17%. Altitude varies from 70 meters above sea level in the Terai in the south to 8848 meters in the north Himalayas (Mt. Everest).

Climate and Weather
Nepal has four distinct seasons
• Spring (March to May)
• Summer (June to August)
• Autumn (September to November)
• Winter (December to February)

Conditions in Nepal vary from region to region. Summer and late spring temperatures range from more than 40 Degrees Celsius in the Terai to about 28 Degrees Celsius in the hilly region of the country. In winter, average maximum and minimum temperatures in the Terai range from mild 23 Degrees Celsius to brisk 7 Degrees Celsius while the central valleys experience a chilly 12 Degrees Celsius maximum temperature and a minimum temperature often falling below freezing point.

Natural Beauties
Various National Parks with diverse flora & fauna, water resources and scenic beauty

Cultural Heritage
Living Goddess (Kumari Devi), various festivals, World Cultural heritage sites (especially in the three former kingdom cities Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan)