• To develop partnerships with local, national and international organizations in order to ensure the continuation of fundraising and knowledge sharing
  • To capitalize the strength of the rural youth for their own development and that of the nation as a whole while connecting these efforts with activities of overseas volunteers
  • To provide education opportunities to orphans, street children, internally displaced persons and underprivileged children in rural communities
  • To set up different kinds of small-scale projects, such as school and community infrastructure provision, on demand teacher and community training, youth empowerment through student group formation and child sponsorship
  • To strengthen and enhance skills of local and national (partner) organizations through on demand training, evaluations, consultancy, workshops and research to enable the continuation of work at grassroots level
  • To work towards the creation of a more knowledgeable and responsible civic society and advocate local governance
  • To bridge discriminatory gaps and eliminate all forms of discrimination (social, economical, gender etc.)