For the successful implementation and conduction of development projects various professionals with different backgrounds and expertise are required. PSD Nepal gives trainings to development practitioners to enhance their knowledge and skills and in particular to enable them to work effectively at the grassroots level. These training sessions include:

• Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) techniques
• Proposal and project report writing skills
• Project learning activities
• Peace building and conflict transformation
• Gender and social mobilization
• Training of trainers
• Career counseling
• Office management and interpersonal communication skills


As strong partnerships and networks are necessities in the development sector, PSD supports its partner organizations by conducting capacity-building activities. Local NGOs and community-based organizations (CBOs) are provided with expertise services and instructed in the development of proposals, report writing and management skills. Moreover, the staffs are trained on organizational and practical matters, which are important in the daily field work and constant help is channelled on a consultancy basis.

Moreover, since PSD Nepal regards teachers as one of the most valuable stakeholders in rural communities, it also aims at the improvement and strengthening of rural education. To tackle the lack of formal educational training of local teachers, PSD Nepal is dedicated to the creation of capacity-building opportunities for teachers and consequently the facilitation of their knowledge transfer abilities.


If requested, PSD evaluates projects for or in cooperation with other development organizations. Especially projects emphasizing the needs of rural children, youth and women are regularly conducted by PSD and its expertise knowledge is often demanded if similar projects take place. In the past collaborations with various organizations, such as UNICEF, have taken place and were successfully monitored, evaluated and the gained knowledge used to improve future measures.


PSD Nepal provides its services for various research programs, may they be conducted by an organization or on individual level. PSD can arrange placements for research students in various sectors and aspects of university studies and is able to provide all necessary means required for PhD level research. For inquires regarding topics or collaborations please do not hesitate to contact the PSD office.