In this program medical students come to work in a health post (a mini hospital) or in a bigger community hospital. Students have a chance to see the treatments of the patients and assist in any sort of health check-up and general health care. Additionally, they are encouraged to organize health and sanitation related activities in the village where they stay and to participate in a ”Health Camp” for underprivileged communities, which do not have access to proper medical care.

To get more information about the program, download The Medical Program Handbook here: PSDhandbook_medicalprogram.pdf


The Summer program is a short-term project, where overseas volunteers work alongside Nepalese volunteers to make a significant difference in a poor community or government school. The work includes on the one hand micro level constructions (playgrounds, classroom building and water tanks etc.) and on the other hand the teaching of schoolchildren (basic English lessons and lectures to a variety of topics ranging from environment and health to civic education).

To get more information about the program, download The Summer Program Handbook here: PSDhandbook_summerprogram.pdf


During this program volunteers organize awareness raising activities to help promote the understanding of various social, environmental and development issues. Volunteers address different problems by forming self-help groups such as youth, student and women groups and to discuss/debate on the above-mentioned topics. Additional the work includes the teaching of English and the involvement in micro-level projects (construction work in schools, etc.)

To get more information about the program, download The Long Term Program Handbook here: PSDhandbook_longtermprogram.pdf


PSD can organize internship programs for international students in various sectors of the development field. Although we (PSD main office in Kathmandu) host only one or two interns at a time, we have a broad network of partner organizations in different districts of Nepal in which we can easily arrange placements. Research and internships in the past have been conducted in the areas of culture, religion, gender studies, journalism, Nepali language, NGO management and development, anthropology, health, conservation measures and general development activities in Nepal. Of course we are open to other suggestions as well.

During the internship, the intern engages in the daily activities of the host organization (office work, development of proposals, report writing, promotion, communication matters etc. – depending on her/his background) and the on-going projects. In most cases interns have to develop a report paper in a particular area of interest, which will be agreed on prior to arrival. The interns closely cooperate with the project staff and will have supervision by the respective responsible person (in general the director in charge of the project).

Intern Orientation
PSD Nepal recommends that all interns undergo a two week orientation program in language, culture and project information. This orientation gives interns an introduction and overview to Nepal and provides a detailed outline of their internship. PSD suggests that interested students correspond with the PSD staff well in advance of their intended stay to arrange all necessary means and enable an all-embracing preparation (regarding organizational matters, costs, duration etc.).

If the interns do not suggest otherwise, PSD arranges accommodation at the respective project site with a Nepali host family. Interns will stay as paying guests and will be provided with a separate room and food (3 meals a day) throughout the whole period of their internship. These arrangements have worked very well in the past, not only for the intern who is able to make a first hand experience with the Nepali culture, but also for the families who have enjoyed hosting overseas students and benefited from the cultural exchange as well.