It’s definitely a worthwhile & unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone considering doing the project. Volunteers should not worry about their safety here as PSD Nepal could not have helped more with ensuring we would not be in danger. Their organizational skills were fantastic and they went out of their way to help whenever they could.
– Anne Beh

Volunteering here has been an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. One of the best parts of the trip was staying with a Nepalese family and from the medical parts of view it was really interesting for us to see how different the disease burden and health care system are here than at home. Lastly, PSD are a brilliant help to my volunteering here and I couldn’t have seen so much of Nepal without them.
– Kerri McEvoy

I have had an amazing memorable experience during this Easter program. PSD have been fantastic in organizing everything and looking after us so well. It is definitely because or them that our program has been so good. In Malekhu hospital we got to see so much and gain valuable clinical experience that will definitely be useful in my last few years studying medicine at university. Its been fantastic to see so much of Nepal – beautiful country. Definitely take the opportunity to do everything PSD offers you the chance to do – rafting, Chitwan National Park, Pokhara, Paragliding and mountain flight.
– Kate McHugh

It is one thing to visit a country as a tourist but quite another to live as a visitor. You not only get to see all the usual sights and attractions, but gain an understanding of the people and culture. You will be amazed at how warm and hospital everyone is. It is a great chance to witness the differences between ”western medicine” and the problems faced by developing countries. You will learn so much…
– Victoria Brown

Volunteering in Nepal was one of the most rewarding things I have done. Nepal was fantastic and a massive cultural shock, but in a good way. We lived with a Nepali family while being here and that was definitely the best way to see proper Nepal. I would recommend Nepal to anyone, there is so much to do and see.
– Gillian Rennie

Nepal is an incredibly beautiful country with a unique culture; living and working in a small community can be hard but its rewarding and a great way to learn about Nepal. I found that the projects were able to achieve highly tangible ends mainly as a result of the careful consultation of the community by PSD before our arrival and the high degree of local participation without which our job would have been made impossible. Furthermore I never felt threatened on placement and thanks PSD for always putting our safety first.
– Sam Duerden

Being a volunteer in Nepal has been one of the most exciting and most enlightening experiences I have ever had. It’s the one thing to study the developing nations of the world at school or university; it’s an entirely different experience to actually live within one for a few months. This experience has taught me a lot about my own capabilities and I don’t regret a second of my time spent here.
– Michael Griffiths

A fabulous country with some of the most beautiful landscapes and welcoming people in the world…I would unhesitating recommend PSD as a volunteering organization, they are exceptionally competent, helpful and welcoming; and you will come away from your project feeling that you have had a unique and truly productive experience.
– Paddy Curry

I would really recommend PSD as an organization to volunteer with and Nepal as an amazing, welcoming, fascinating country to come to. A really rewarding time feeling part of the community. Even when there is a language barrier, it’s really possible and great fun to communicate and work with local people and children.
– Jennifer Andrews