The PSD Wish Foundation aims to create a greater sense of social responsibility by raising awareness and giving donors an efficient and accessible means of supporting international development.

Our aims are as follows:

  • To Provide the Donor with a More Personal and Involved Experience: We aim to provide the donor with more information and hence involvement with the project funded. In addition to this, we aim to offer more personalised projects (memorials/ dedications/ gifts/ birthday celebrations etc.) as listed in the ‘PSD Wish Foundation Project List’.

  • To Maximise Impact and Minimise Costs: As an NGO based in Nepal, we have the ability to keep running costs minimal and hence use 100% of Wish List money to fund projects directly. In this sense, the money donated goes further and has a greater impact because it all reaches the target beneficiaries.

  • Complete Financial Transparency: We commit to use 100% of all money received to fund your chosen project.  PSD Nepal does not use any percentage of project donations to fund administrative costs. With the aim of transparency, the budget breakdown is available for both donor and beneficiary to see.