Health and Sanitation

Access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation are basic human requirements yet in Nepal a large proportion of the population live with little or no access to such services. Provision of adequate health care is limited by low government spending, lack of awareness and the rugged terrain. Children under five years old are extremely vulnerable with 50% (WHO 2010) affected by stunting as a result of malnutrition and extremely high mortality rates at 61 per 1000 live births (WHO 2010). The health gap between the rich and poor is very wide and rural communities remain the most vulnerable to disease and poor sanitation standards.

National data reveals that a large proportion of the population do not have access to a toilet and continue to defecate openly which is a major health risk. Increased awareness and the provision of clean water and basic sanitation are pivotal to reducing the huge number of deaths caused by diarrhoea. PSD’s health and sanitation projects directly target those most vulnerable by focusing on awareness and improvement of the services and sanitation facilities available. It is no exaggeration to say that your support can mean the difference between life and death for many people living in rural Nepal. Check the list of projects to find out more about the desperate need for improvement in specific communities.



It is hard to imagine having grown up without an education and the opportunity that it offers. For too many children, this is a common reality and their personal and social development is limited from a very early age. In Nepal, most of the government schools are severely underfunded and lack even some of the most basic facilities. Poor facilities and small over cramped classrooms are highly detrimental to a child’s education and often families will opt to send their children to work instead. PSD Nepal are working to change this mentality by raising standards of education and hence promoting the value of gaining an education. Once gained, a good education is one of the most sustainable forms of development and its impact does not stop with the individual but extends to whole communities. Check the list of educational projects to see how you can open doors for children in rural Nepal.





Climate change is a major issue for the whole world, however some countries are better equipped to deal with the problem than others. Nepal is extremely vulnerable to climate change, for example over 4,000 people have died as a result of climate related natural disasters within the last ten years (DFID). Environmental awareness is a major problem within Nepal and it needs to be addressed with a sense of urgency. The majority of people in rural Nepal use wood for both heating and cooking which has resulted in the loss of much forestry. The resulting effect on the environment is a huge problem while rural communities also face the immediate problem of sustenance. PSD Nepal want to target environmental awareness before it is too late and our projects demonstrate a range of ways to address the problem using simple but effective technology. Check our list of Environmental Projects to see exactly what PSD is doing in response to the problem.


Income Generation

Nepal has a high rate of poverty and hunger with 42% of the population living below the national poverty line (WHO 2010). Income generating projects are a widely successful and direct tool in the fight against poverty. Such projects allow families and communities the opportunity to develop their own income which has a huge impact on their standard of living. Instead of simply giving a person money, you are giving them the tools to become self sufficient. The projects are sustainable as all beneficiaries receive both the necessary initial capitol and training to manage the business. Income generating projects also allow more children the opportunity to attend school rather than working to support the family income. Such projects have proved very successful in the past as they create financial independence among beneficiaries. PSD Nepal supports income generation projects that have been initiated by underprivileged communities who lack the funds but not the vision. Henceforth, the donated money is always targeted at those in desperate need that have no other source of income.  Check the list of projects for more detailed information on a specific community.



When donating to a charity abroad, or even within your country, it is natural to want more of an attachment to the person who benefits from your support. Personalised projects offer you the opportunity to be more involved through projects that allow the beneficiary to learn about the donor too. This could be aimed at honouring the memory of someone, celebrating a birthday, giving a gift that is a little different or simply a personal preference of yours when supporting a project.

Check our list of Personalised Projects to see how you can better link with a beneficiary.

Birthday Celebrations

Are you tired of having the same birthday celebration every year? Why not contact PSD and organise something different. In the past we have helped people celebrate their birthdays by planting trees, one for each year, with disadvantaged children in Nepal. Not only does it give young children a fun day out it also helps them to develop an appreciation for nature and an understanding of the environment. Other birthdays have been celebrated by holding a sports day for orphaned children. Again this activity provides the children with a fun day of activities whilst at the same time it allows them to develop team working skills and participate in healthy competition with their peers.


Are you running out of ideas for presents at Birthdays and Christmas? Or do you need a present for someone who has everything? Why not contact PSD and plan a special project on behalf of the recipient. We carry out a variety of projects throughout Nepal and can work with you to find a project that will appeal to the recipient’s interests.


Are you getting married but already have all the things you need in your household? Why not contact PSD and put something different on your wedding list. As you and your partner start a new life together you can also change the lives of people in Nepal for the better.



The importance of education to a child and society in general is widely acknowledged. In Nepal the negative developments of the last 12 years, including civil war and political corruption, have affected many of the population’s access to basic goods and services. Children and youth have been particularly vulnerable to the situation in Nepal. One think it has impacted is their access to an education. Many children have lost their family members during the conflict. For others because their families face urgent post-conflict problems, such as the provision of food and shelter, that they cannot afford proper education for the children. As a consequence many children work and live as cheap labour in hotels, restaurants or on the streets and are not able to improve their living-conditions, even in the time of peace.

The focus of PSD Nepal centres primarily on the most vulnerable among those children, namely orphans, street children or those internally displaced, with the aim to support those who are helpless. With our partner organizations in various districts of Nepal we conduct extensive research and engage in community-based activities in order to contribute to their well-being. Through our partner organisations we collect proposals for sponsorships and help to define immediate needs and measures which can be taken. You can help by becoming a sponsor and allow one of these children to go to school. By providing their school fee and stationary you can change their life in a great way and make a huge difference.
Even small contributions will help to pay for the expenses (per school year) the child has to bear:

  • £150 is sufficient to send a child for one year to a governmental school (including fees, stationary, books and school dress)
  • £300 will send a child to a private day school
  • £1000 will cover the costs for a child to attend a private boarding school in Kathmandu
  • £800 will cover the costs for a child to attend a private boarding school outside of Kathmandu
If you are interested and would like to help a child please contact PSD and we can give you more details about the PSD Wish Foundation Child Sponsorship scheme.