About PSD Wish Foundation

The Wish Foundation provides an easy way for you to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged communities within Nepal. Simply check the list of projects and choose which you would like to fund. You can either fund a whole project or provide a partial contribution towards a project which will remain on the list until the complete amount has been donated. We need your support- however small or large the donation. Unlike many other online donation services, we can guarantee that 100% of your money will go directly to your chosen project and we will even provide you with updates of its progress. Whether you want to buy a gift for someone else or yourself, we can make your donation a much more personal experience.

About JustAid

JustAid is a UK, web- based and non- profit charity for online donations. It has been of invaluable support to the work of PSD Nepal since 2003. The basic premise for JustAid is to create a direct online donation service which could link to the needs of communities around the world. JustAid is committed to complete financial transparency (100% of donated money is used to directly fund the chosen project) and community participation. The Wish List program initiated by JustAid has proved to be such a success that we now wish to expand it. PSD Nepal will continue the partnership with JustAid in addition to the PSD Wish Foundation. For more information on JustAid please visit the website at

How did PSD Wish Foundation Begin?

PSD Nepal has taken inspiration from the JustAid program and created the PSD Wish Foundation to increase the outreach and scope for support.  By dealing with donors directly we can minimise the administrative work of JustAid.
The PSD Wish Foundation aims to target donors from all around the world as well as securing funding from within the country. Potential Nepali donors now have an accessible means to support development through an NGO based in Nepal.

Why is PSD Wish Foundation Different?

Supporting charitable causes can be extremely difficult. The donor must choose what kind of organisation to support and how to support them. If you, like many others, are unable to offer your time, financial support raises many questions. It can be difficult to ascertain how the money is actually spent, (for example the percentage that goes into administration) and often the donor receives no further feedback as to the impact.

PSD Nepal works at a grassroots level; hence our organisation sees and understands first- hand and our project costs can be minimised due to local knowledge and no administrative costs. We can offer the donor the opportunity to donate in a transparent and more involved way. PSD Nepal guarantees that 100% of the money donated is directly used to fund the selected project and we also commit to completing the project within an agreed period of time. We provide a budget breakdown for each project which enables donors to see exactly how their money is spent.(Note ‘implementation costs’ cover the international bank transfer cost, courier postage for project money to the project site, communication with the project community and costs incurred from PSD project evaluation.)

PSD Nepal will identify the community being supported so that the experience of giving is not so remote and the donor understands more about the problems face in this specific community. Not only will the donor receive detailed information beforehand, but they will also receive a written report and photographs after project completion. PSD Nepal believes that evaluation is fundamental to sustainable and efficient development. Therefore a member of our team will visit the project site to evaluate the use and benefit by interviewing members of the community and beneficiaries. No matter how big or small the project you fund, PSD Nepal’s commitment to transparency, efficiency and your involvement is the same!