PSD Nepal believes that community participation is a fundamental working practice in successful and sustainable development. Therefore, the projects listed on this website all originated from the communities where they are to be implemented. A community contribution of at least 25% is mandatory and this can be in the form of time, labour or materials. The PSD team have extensive experience in community development and after close consultation with the beneficiaries and the wider community, the proposed projects are added to the Wish Foundation List on this website. When the required funds have been raised, our team coordinate and monitor the projects from Kathmandu. These projects have included library facilities, drinking water tanks, water irrigation systems, educational facilities/ sponsorship, toilet construction and classroom construction.

PSD are currently developing an online payment mechanism for those interested in funding a PSD Wish Foundation project. We are also in the process of adding all our project proposals to the website. In the meantime if you are interested in finding out more about the projects that need funding or would like to make a donation please contact PSD by email at:


STEP 1: The community identify a need and agree upon the best course of action

STEP 2: PSD Nepal is presented with a project proposal including full details of how the project came about, who was involved, why this project was chosen and how it is sustainable

STEP 3: PSD Nepal evaluates the proposal by visiting the project site and interviewing community members. The following criteria are then assessed: valid need and benefit, sustainability, community involvement and practicality

STEP 4: Projects are then added to the Wish Foundation where donors can gain more information and either fund an entire project or provide a partial contribution

STEP 5: On completion of the project, PSD Nepal provides the donor with a small report together with photos of the funded project and reactions of beneficiaries

STEP 6: PSD evaluates the project in terms of its use and benefit to ensure that your donation has the maximum positive impact possible