PSD has been working with the web based charity JustAid (UK) since 2003. Through the medium of their webpage, JustAid gives communities in the developing countries the opportunity to request assistance of international donors and to raise the funds necessary to carry out small-scale projects. Through listing projects on the JustAid website, PSD and JustAid have worked together to strengthen and improve rural education, health/sanitation facilities and to set up micro projects, such as the construction of class rooms and education facilities.

As active involvement of the targeted people is essential for the sustainability of any given project, the first step always consists out of the identification of different community needs. After this has been done by PSD and its local partners, the identified necessities are formatted into a proposal which is send to JustAid. The following step is to post the proposed projects on JustAid´s webpage with an exact outline of the items and costs. Through online donations (mainly individuals) money is raised for the projects and in case enough funds have been received the implementation process starts. PSD Nepal then coordinates, monitors and evaluates the project with its partners from Kathmandu and reports at successful completion.

A unique aspect of this partnership is that JustAid and PSD Nepal allow 100% of each donation to be used for the chosen development project. Both organizations don’t use any percentage of the project donations to fund administration costs, making JustAid and its Wishlist program 100% transparent and accountable at all times.

Due to the success of our collaboration with JustAid PSD now wish to expand the wishlist program. PSD will continue our partnership with JustAid in addition to setting up the PSD Wish Foundation on the PSD website where we will list projects and secure funding directly. To find out more details about the PSD Wish Foundation follow the link ‘PSD Wish Foundation’ along the bar at the top of the website.

For more information on JustAid and the Wishlist program please check our homepage:
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